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“Is it worth …”

Things turned out as it was never been ever. What we experienced in our childhood is definitely  what this generation kids are missing .

This generation kids wakeup with gadgets surrounding them . And the only question comes into my mind . “Is it worth  technology growing”.

last night, I was just imagining how past generation kids read story books,play outdoor, make true friends and many such aspects wherein it was filled with whole lot of fruitful benefits . But these days as kids are having tabs,phones,play stations they are just improving in learning technology  in contrary there are many areas wherein they are losing 

They are losing their imagination,sticking to phones and gadgets make them ill  that is leading to n number of side effects and health problems. 

Not just kids, it is also elders now a days who are always  indulging in textual messages ,surfing in social sites ,clicking pictures and posting . I don’t say its really bad idea of using social sites, I would say instead of getting addictive to it just make it a free time session. 

Make yourself busy with goals that you setup, if you dint work on it better start dreaming ,analyse your strengths and weaknesses. If elders are themselves busy with technology what will kids  learn from them .

Then again comes “is it worth ..”

Everything today has an advantage  and disadvantage . Using technology for a good cause will help country to grow ,not only country but also an individual  can build his/her personality .

Major effort is expected from parents .I understand  it’s hard  but it  isn’t impossible. 

Use technology for what it’s been introduced rather than just wasting time on it leaving your most important works .

Make everyone proud, especially your parents .Belive me it is the most beautiful  feeling when you see your parents  feeling proud of you . 

This is what I felt and wanna convey everyone for today and change in this system can only brought my bringing enough awareness. And I think that is what I did ☺

An unsatisfied girl 

I am a girl who is unsatisfied for what ever I do. I don’t think I’m wrong being like this that’s because, this quality of mine enables me to achieve and set higher goals. 

 I’ll share One of my  experience.  I was placed in a company which pays 2.4 lak but I wasn’t satisfied with that because I’ve always aimed to receive of minimum 3lak per annum . Now this unsatisfied behaviour of mine gave me courage to practice more and more 

who knows dream of mine getting 3 lak per annum can give me more than 3 lak 

I do have a bad habit of comparing with others. Most of them insisted me not to compare yourselves with anyone .

I accept this statement  unless it has negative impacts but imagine you have a friend,where both are sharing same passion of painting. Now imagine your friend is getting more compliments than you are getting . Now this gives you an opportunity  to build yourself more powerful than what you were .

This should only build confidence rather than over confidence 

I would conclude by telling get satisfied when  you reach your top most goal until then be “An Unsatisfied person”.

Thank you